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beneath the surface,LLC.

The Logo? An Iceberg.

90% of its mass beneath the surface. Beneath our surface is a crown. We are Kings and Queens ultimately seeking to create leaders and inspire through the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship.

The Service? "Your vision is our creation!" 

Here at Percxption, LLC ™ we set forth to provide our Clients with quality lifestyle and design services such as Photography, Design, Fashion Consultation, and Event Planning. We create custom professional deliverables that range from Company Logos to Remodeling Schematics. There is no deadline we can't make.

The SESSIONS? Inspirational. 

So many of us young Leaders have vision, ideas, even dreams with no direction. And with that comes frustration. We found a simple solution: By inviting like-minded young professionals to share an environment of good vibes through food, music, and cocktails. Percxption, LLC ™ affords the opportunity to mix, mingle, and brainstorm amongst peers; challenging one another and providing a catalyst for creativity. Share your Percxption and let's all leave with a clearer perspective of our vision. 


what we do