Yetunde Ajayi-Obe , Harlem, New York, USA

Yetunde Ajayi-Obe, Harlem, New York, USA

          A hobby-turned-therapy, turned profession, turned inspirational vehicle empowering women across the nation, Yetti's natural expressionism has manifested into the daily dose of vitamin one never knew they needed. We got a chance to catch up with Yetunde Ajayi-Obe of and CERTIFIED10, the nonprofit organization striving to eradicate the mental health stigma amongst women. Her natural leadership skills and creative inclinations are exactly the qualities we admire here at Percxption. Below are some excerpts from a brief interview with the young visionary: 


"Yetunde is a woman who is figuring it out with each day that passes. I’m a lover of stationery, all things that have a simple decor and a lot of white space. I am a creative at heart, but an engineer by trade. And I am an advocate for all things that bring awareness to the importance of mental health awareness and the ability for a woman to fall madly, and unabashedly in love with herself." 

Self-love, confidence, and an unapologetic attitude about your imperfect being is sexy.

Why Blogging?

"I started blogging at age 15, and have somehow managed to stay in the game. 12 years strong. But clearly, it’s a little different now. Blogging in my teens years was what I did to keep myself sane. It was anonymously posting the feelings and thoughts I couldn’t say or express in person to friends, or family. Blogging in college saved me from myself multiple times. Not because it gave me an outlet to vent, but by this time blogging had turned into a serious ass community. I guess it helped me feel less alone. Especially during that time, I was an avid self-mutilator. Blogging now? It’s more about storytelling with a purpose, or at least that’s what YettiSays is. It’s my unapologetic truth made up of my happiest moments, my lows, my truths, and sometimes ugly realities. I think that’s what people fail to realize, personal blogging does not always consist of “Dear Diary” posts. It’s the act of storytelling in the name of awareness, healing, and art created through words."


What is CERTIFIED 10? 

 Visit  to support the fight against mental health stigma amongst women

Visit to support the fight against mental health stigma amongst women

With her work speaking for itself, Yetti has successfully transformed her personal truth into not only successful business but devices set to benefit the natural well-being of others. And that is truly inspirational. Congratulations, Yetti. Keep doing your thing!